Saturday, 8 October 2016

0 ?Logic that i cannot brain!!!

Layman's logic part 1, 

Mother having fever for 2 days.. claimed having fever for months..

Blaming doctor did'nt do anythin for his mother while he mentioned, very concern which regards his mother conditions..

when we try to get further history from him, his responds "im staying at kl, only my 12 years old nephew alone taking care of her at home.. that child know how to use thermometer" ... speechless~

im a layman, but I wont let 12 years old boy taking care my 83 years old mom alone at home...

Layman's logic part 2, 

17 years old girl, investigated and confirmed having tb infection, having stroke after having severe tb "kuman batuk kering" landed to her brain... refused treatment.. took dishcharge at own risk, to seek traditional medication..

Came back 1 weeks later, had another episode of stroke, further history "a traditional scholar blaimed them after giving shower with holy water "air yassin"... causing the devil to get back inside the body" reason to come again , just want to hydrate the girl

my laymans logic, car wont be breakdown without reasons... once causes found, I send to workshop and repair the damage...

She just need 6 months anti-tb medications for god sake..

It does'nt matter u prefer traditional treatment rather than conventional medications.. but once we knew what is happening, why dun just let us do what we can offer, at the same time u all can consult who ever scholar u all want..

I do believe ghost/jin etc exist, but I also do believe not all problems are ghost/jin wrongdoers ~
my advice, think twice ..

May peace be upon with you...


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